Santa Rosa Carpet Cleaning FAQWhat carpet cleaning process do you use?

Pirone’s Carpet Services uses a 12-step carpet cleaning process that includes pre-treating and extraction processes, and which provides superior effectiveness for stain removal and cleaning in high-traffic areas.

Our neutral cleaner base deodorizes, and leaves no residue, so you don’t have to worry about lingering odors or our product causing easy re-soiling of the carpeting.

Once the carpet cleaning is completed, the technician uses a specially designed brush to raise the nap, revitalizing the fibers of the carpeting.

What do you do about spots and high-traffic areas?

We pre-treat any specific spots as well as the traffic areas during a standard cleaning. Some staining may require additional specialty treatment that include pet messes, colored drinks, dyes and ink spots.

How long will it take my carpet to dry after it is cleaned?

Your carpet should be dried and returned to normal use within 1 to 2 hours of cleaning under normal atmospheric conditions.  In wet weather, we recommend “turbo drying” in which we employ high power fans to dry carpets more quickly.  This cuts the drying time down from hours to minutes.  There is a slight extra charge for turbo drying.

Do I need to move my furniture before you arrive?

We generally recommend not moving beds, dressers, or other heavy furniture because the carpet is usually not heavily soiled under such heavy objects.  We can move most chairs and we can generally under or around most tables at no extra cost.  We will place plastic tabs or foam blocks beneath the legs of all wooden furniture legs exposed to wet carpet.

Will my carpet re-soil more quickly after cleaning?

No, your carpeting will not re-soil more quickly with the cleaning process offered by Pirone’s Carpet Services.

Quick re-soiling is caused by residues that are left in the carpet after “dry foam shampooing”, and “bonnet cleaning”, also known as “absorbent pad cleaning”.  Santa Rosa Steam clean uses hot water extraction carpet cleaning.  This type of cleaning is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers for most types of carpet and will not void the carpet warranty.  Since our process is residue free, fast re-soiling will not occur after we clean your carpets.